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A Captain Should Be A True Leader

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  • A Captain must have thorough knowledge of Cricket Rules and Regulations.
  • He should be a role model.
  • He should have discipline.
  • He should promote team spirit.
  • He should be positive.
  • He should lead the team in all aspects of the game with high spirit.
  • He should have determination to win.
  • He should not have tough behaviour with the team mates but love and affection.
  • He must be friendly to the bowlers.
  • He must respect his coach and the umpires.
  • He should be loyal to his team.
  • He should not shout after the fielders if anybody drops the catch or misfields or change their places.
  • He should always help the youngsters to perform their best.
  • He must play a captain’s innings when his team is in trouble.
  • He must discuss the doubts with his team’s coach.
  • He should be jolly and brave.
  • He should not be  short tempered.
  • He should not be partial.
  • The captain should be good at managing the people so that he can bring out the best from his players.
  • The captain should be polite and encourage other players to come out with their views and suggestions.
  • Most of the times winning of the matches depends upon good captaincy.

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