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Cricket Coaching Q&A by our readers and our Coach – Aug, 2005

We have received the following Queries which have been answered by our Expert Coach M.R.Baig:

I found your article on “batting grip styles” in the fundas of batting very insightful… After reading the article, I have changed my grip and have had good success… Can you comment upon Sachin Tendulkar’s batting grip??thanks,


Hi Manish, glad to hear that you have found our coaching section useful in helping your batting. After reaching certain standards of cricket, technique has to be considered according to the comfort of the cricketer which is known as “individual technique”. So internationals players have this “individual technique”. I advise upcoming youngsters to follow the basic technique of cricket. As a matter of fact, all players start off according to the coaching manual and then as time and the standards go on, lots of finer aspects are brought in to suit the individual player.

Appreciate few tips on fundamentals of captaincy. Thanks!
(Asked by Sajjad)

Sajjad, it’s coming up very shortly on, so do check in over here to know about the Fundas of Captaincy.

Sir, Iwould like to ask two things from you :1.I’m a 19 yr old student. I have never played cricket at any level i.e,school level,district level etc. and I have never attended any coaching clinic. I have learnt playing by watching and playing with friends. But now I want to take cricket as a career will I be able to serve my country in this game?

2. I like wicketkeeping whenever I play with my friends I do wicketkeeping. But I’m having difficulty in collecting those balls which turn in from off and middle to outside leg as batsman becomes a hindrance in the vision of the ball. So how to collect those type of balls cleanly? I will be very thankful to you for your help.

(Asked by Sudh Sekhar, India)


Hi Sekhar, to answer your first question, age is certainly no bar in learning something! Please join some good coaching camp and work hard to achieve your goal. Many of the cricketers before the 90s had learned the game at your age and represented India; you also can achieve this distinction with dedication and hard work towards the game.

Regarding your second question, in close-in fielding, the first slip fielder and the wicket keeper have to watch the ball from the bowler’s hand till he collects the ball. Fielders standing in the second slip to gully should watch the edge of the bat. For leg side collections, the wicket keeper has to move towards the leg side watching the line of attack. The wicket keeper should not move towards the leg side after the pitching of the ball, in this case the vision of the wicket keeper would be blocked by the body of the batsman. So to conclude the wicket keeper according to the line of attack of the ball has to move before the ball is pitched and not after it is pitched.

Could you tell what are the advantages and disadvantages of having a grip like Sachin Tendulkar, Jayasuriya and others and also the kind of batting grip that Adam Gilchrist uses? Which modern day batsman according to you uses the correct batting grip as prescribed in coaching manuals? (Mario Persaud, Guyana)

The players you have mentioned are following Australian technique. Most of the Australians are using that grip. The cricketers who are using this grip will be more of on-side players. The grip that we have mentioned in our coaching manual is useful for all-round play, so that the batsman is equally good in both off-side and on-side play. The Australian grip would hamper the horizontal shots.

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