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Hook Shot: How to play, Technique, Drills, Photos and Videos

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What is a Hook Shot in Cricket?

The hook shot is a horiziontal bat shot played to the very short, fast delivery going down the leg side and arriving at chest height or above. In simple words, the hook shot is played at the bouncers following the batsman’s body.

This shot is quite a dangerous one and needs to be attempted only if the batsman has practiced it properly. The batsman stands a risk of getting hit on the eye or anywhere around his face while attempting the shot if he fails to assess the right pace and bounce of the delivery.

Hook Shot in Cricket

Forget playing the shot if you are not wearing a helmet. It is advisable to simply duck or sway away from the bouncers in case there is no proper protection gear as a batsman.

The hook shot is executed with the batsman swiping at the ball after getting inside the line with a cross-bat while trying to hit it away behind square leg. The significant difference between the hook and pull is that the former is played to deliveries above the chest level.

It is highly unlikely to see a hook shot played along the ground as it is very difficult to handle it above the chest level. There is also a risk of getting hit wicket while attempting the hook shot so make sure you aren’t too close to the stumps with the backleg.

Drills to play the Hook Shot

Position 1 of the Hook Shot

Raise the bat straight up behind you, keeping your knees and elbows flexed. When facing fast bowlers, lift the bat a little earlier than usual.

Position 2 of the Hook Shot

Move your right foot back and across the line of the ball (get inside the line of the delivery), so that your head is in line with the ball and your body is facing the bowler.

Position 3 of the Hook Shot

Swing the bat horizontally with your arms fully extended. Rotate your body, pivoting on the right foot. Roll your wrists to turn the bat down to keep the ball as flat as possible to the ground.

Watch this youtube video which show Australian great Ian Chappell demonstrate the Hook Shot:

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