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Playing The Square Cut, Late Cut and Upper Cut: Horizontal Cricket Shots

Introduction to Square Cut (One of the different batting shots in Cricket):

Ganguly @ his best!!!

A left-handed batsman playing the square cut

The Square Cut comes under the horizontal bat shots. It is played to the short balls which are wide outside off from either the fast bowlers or the spinners. The direction of this shot is through the off side from the thirdman region to extra covers which depends on the batsman’s placement and mainly the pace off the pitch. But generally, the shot is played through backward point and point.

How to play the cut shot in cricket?

Square Cut is played by bringing a more or less horizontal bat sharply down, at the moment when the ball passes the batsman. The ball usually goes slightly backward of square, between point and third-man.

Technique and Drills to play the Square Cut:

Position 1

Raise the bat smoothly for the first backlift. Your left shoulder should point towards the ball. Look at the ball over your shoulder to stay side-on.

Position 2

Move your right foot across towards the line of the ball. The feet should be parallel to the stumps, with the toes pointing to the off side. Lift the bat straight up behind the head for the second backlift.

Square Cut (Cricket Batting)

Position 3

Swing the bat from high to low, with your arms extended and the bat horizontal. Your right hand (bottom hand) should control the stroke. Transfer your weight to the right foot as you make contact with the ball.

Square Cut (Cricket Batting)

Square Cut (Cricket Batting)

There are a couple of variants in the Cut shot apart from the Square Cut:

1. The Upper Cut:

This is the cut shot played in the air over the slips or backward point with the intention of getting under the bounce of the ball. This shot can often be seen played to bouncers from the fast bowlers.

2. Late Cut:

Late Cut (Cricket Batting Shots)

This classical shot needs lots of skill. Usually it is played to the quicker deliveries from the spinners. The batsman waits on the backfoot and plays the shot almost when the ball is into the keeper’s gloves! To get the right timing, the batsman has to use the pace of the bowler and play it as delicately as possibly, just giving direction to the ball.

Late Cut (Cricket Batting Shot)

Learn how to play the Square Cut from Sachin Tendulkar:

Learn how to play the Upper Cut from Sachin Tendulkar:

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