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The Equipment required for a Cricketer

A sportsperson who participates in an International competition needs to be one hundred percent fit in the following – (1) Physical Training (2) Technical Training (3) Psychological Training (4) Equipment . Let’s talk about the Equipment aspect in this article.


We need to use standard equipments, be it a bat, gloves, shoes etc, which are accepted internationally as most effective and suitable in international cricket. We should either import them or upgrade Indian manufacture equipment to that standard, failing which we will be at a loss in competition. I will detail below the apparent problems faced by Indian Cricket using locally manufactured equipment.

A.) SHOES : Most of the cricket shoes available in India are without heels. Foreign shoes are flat, but they have heel inside the shoe. Without heel ,shoes make the sportsman flat footed, their movements and running speed gets effected with these type of shoes. Foot arch is important for quick movements and speed.

B.) CRICKET BALLS : Cricket Balls are very hard. Players get bruised and injured and develop psychological fear, which results in negative attitudes towards the game. The seam of the ball is nylon thread stitched. The seam is as sharp as a knife and can easily cut a player’s palm on impact, with a minimum of 4 to 5 stitches required. Previously the balls were stitched with cotton thread.

C.) CRICKET BATS : All Bats, seniors or youth size, have 11.5 inches handle, which develop a wrong grip. Previously it used to be long, short and a narrow size handle.

D.) WICKET KEEPING GLOVES : Because of the stitches in the palm of a glove, the leather is projected in the palm and keeper finds it difficult to receive the ball. Good pair of gloves is “Cup Shaped”. The defects in the equipment make the players’ performances deteriorating over a period of time.

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