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The Technical Training required for a Cricketer

A sportsperson who participates in an International competition needs to be one hundred percent fit in the following-(1) Physical Training (2) Technical Training (3) Psychological Training (4) Equipment . Let’s talk about the Technical Training aspect in this article.

Biomechanics involves a study of the structure and function of biological systems by means of the methods of mechanics. In the human body this includes and understanding of the action of forces and the effects which they produce in terms of body movements. To teach efficient technique one needs an understanding of the part that balance, motion, force and momentum play in the skill being taught.

In all activities, whether stationary or moving, balance plays an important role. A performer who is balanced during sporting activity is one who requires less effort to establish a sound technique. Some activities demand enduring stability like when a set position has to be maintained for a considerable time. Others require a degree of stability that can be easily altered. Such momentary stability is often required in the circumstances of a rapidly changing game.

Balance during sporting activity largely depends on the area of the base of support and the position of center of gravity of the body. The center of gravity can be considered as a location that represents the weight-center of the body.

As far as sport and technique are concerned, motion is a combination of both linear (movement along a straight line) and angular forms (movement about an axis of rotation). Angular and linear motion are often inter related during sports performances.

Force may be defined in its simplest form as a push or a pull. The muscles which exert force on the skeletal system cause movements. Sports performances are also modified by the effect of external forces.

There are four schools of thought in cricket, viz., English, Australian, West Indies and Oriental.

English technique is bookish and rigid. They give emphasis on all round play in the ground with equal strength. Australian technique gives emphasis on onside game. West Indies technique gives emphasis on reflex action i.e., ball and bat game rather than the movement of the body. Oriental is the combination of the above three.

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