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Tips and Messages for budding wicket keepers from some of the best wicket keepers

Kiran More (Former Indian Wicket Keeper for 49 Tests and 94 ODIs)

You got to work hard; nowadays you need to be an all rounder wicket keeper. You got to bat well and also be an outstanding wicket keeper. Nothing is impossible, so work hard and perform well in Domestic Cricket. You would definitely get your opportunities.

Nayan Mongia (Former Indian Wicket Keeper for 42 Tests and 140 ODIs)

I think Physical fitness is the most important thing if you want to become a good keeper. If you are fit enough you can concentrate for 6 hours. Keepers’ job is a tough job and is definitely a thankless job. You have to concentrate for long duration of time and have to collect all the balls…

Sadanand Vishwanath (Former Indian Wicket Keeper for 3 Tests and 22 ODIs)

I would say that concentration is the key. You have to realize that you might have to take a wonderful catch in the first ball of the match or you might have to effect a stumping on the last ball of the day’s play. So better stay involved and learn to switch on and switch off. Learn the art of concentration and as you keep getting stronger with your basics. You’ve got to really slog and really work hard on your technical skills and also try and get into activities like Yoga, aerobics, swimming and even reading. Youngsters nowadays have forsaken their reading habits. Any young cricketer should go to the library and read autobiographies of cricketers and learn from them and become good human beings.

M.S.K.Prasad (Former Indian Wicket Keeper for 6 Tests and 17 ODIs)

Basically, I feel that wicket keeping should come naturally to you. One more most important thing is that you must enjoy wicket keeping. See for ex:Deep Dasgupta lost his passion. Parthiv Patel keeps with a lot of passion. Kirmani also used to keep with a lot of passion. Even I used to keep with a lot of passion. So basically you should enjoy your keeping and set high standards for yourselves.

Dinesh Karthik (Present Indian Wicket Keeper in Test Matches)

Just work hard. Believe in yourself and you will definitely do well in the future.

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