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Tips for Running between the Wickets

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Following are some useful tips to implement in running between the wickets:

  1. Runner should avoid big curves while turning back.
  2. Non striker should take start to enjoy the advantage of shorter distance.
  3. First run should be taken quickly and wait for the call for the second run which will be given by the runner who is facing the ball.
  4. Runner should make it a habit to drag the bat while reaching the opposite end to avoid short run and also to reach fast if there is a close call.
  5. Sometimes while taking more than one run, the bat may have to be changed from left hand to right hand and vice versa to avoid delay in turning and to keep facing the ball.
  6. While calling, batsman should see the position of the partner who may either be a slow runner or fresh and he should call for a run according to his speed and capacity.

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