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Our Top English Cricket Players Of All Time

Cricket has been around for many years and the England cricket team has been playing international cricket for the past 140 years. In this time, they have made more appearances in all three formats of the game than any other team except for Australia. The English cricket team have had quite a journey with new players joining all the time in the hope of winning the tournaments. In this article, we are going to discuss some of our top England cricket players of all time. Make sure to keep reading if you want to find out who these are.

Graham Gooch 1975 – 1995

Our first player to make the list is Graham Gooch, a player who managed to collect 8900 runs over his time on the English cricket team. Gooch managed to improve his game when ODIs began to gain prominence. As a right-hander, he was able to show his strength on the team and win some games for England. On top of this, he managed to accumulate over 4000 runs at this time.

James Anderson 2003 – Present

James Anderson is another player to make the list and this is due to his performance on the more recent seasons of cricket for England. This player showed how good he truly is when he ran into bowl in Old Trafford Stadium during the fourth Test against South Africa. He has been noted to be one of the best players in modern cricket and he is often seen as an icon to cricket fans across the UK. James Anderson has a great swing and knows what he is doing when it comes to cricket.

Alan Knott 1967 – 1981

Throughout his time on the England cricket squad, Alan Knott knew what he was doing. He actually holds the record for the highest tally of dismissals amongst all wicket-keepers in the history of England’s Test. He managed to achieve 269 for his efforts so he was one to watch back in the day. Alan Knott was great behind the stumps and could also shine as a batsman when playing for England. At this time, players looked up to Alan Knott and aspired to be as good as a player as him.

Wally Hammond 1927 – 1947

Wally Hammond has a great reputation for being the lead run-scorer in international cricket at the time when he was on the England team. Of course, since then cricket players have managed to beat his record of 7249 Test runs but he still remains an important part of cricket history due to his impressive reputation and the impression that he left on people.Hammond had a lot of skills and managed to achieve 110 catches and 83 wickets during his time on the team. He was talented and oozed confidence which affected the other team and their performance.

Kevin Pietersen 2004-2014

For ten years, Kevin Pietersen managed to continue to impress sports betting fans. Fans would put their money on this player due to his impressive skills as a batsman on the England team and his great reputation. He may have started out in South Africa, but this player truly shone in the England squad where he was propelled to the top. Pietersen had a lot of personality and was known for his attitude which could cause problems. Of course, his skills solidified his place on the team and he managed to help England win some trophies throughout his career.

Sydney Barnes 1901-1914

If you are looking for a player who was good back when England first began competing in international cricket, you should look for Sydney Barnes. He has been noted to be the most lethal bowler of all time who has an average of 16.43 which no other players could compete against. He knew how to spin the balls well and he could deliver it to the other team in a way that would help his team win. Barnes knew what he was doing, and he has inspired cricket players throughout history who hope to be as good as him.

Sir Ian Botham 1976 – 1992

The most charismatic English cricket player of all time has to be Sir Ian Botham. This player showed his worth back in the 80s as he helped the England team get the victories that they needed. Back in the 1981 Ashes, he amazed cricket fans with his 383 wickets for which he held the record for until James Anderson came along. Botham was a great player despite the fact that he started to decline as he got a little older.

Sir Len Hutton 1937 – 1955

It is safe to say that one of the greatest ever batsmen for England has to be their first professional Test captain, Sir Leonard Hutton. Despite a very bad injuryafter four years of playing some excellent cricket, Hutton bounced back and changed the way he played in order to continue. His new technique was just as good if not better than his previous one and so we can be sure that he was one of the greatest ever players to grace the England cricket team.

Fred Trueman 1952 – 1965

Fred Trueman knew what he was doing as soon as he stepped onto the pitch for his first international cricket match at the age of 21. He dominated the fast bowling scene during his time and even as he became older, he continued to bowl just as good as he had before.

Sir Jack Hobbs 1908 – 1930

The final player on our list is arguably the best player that the England cricket team has seen. Often known as ‘The Master’, Hobbs was made sure that he dominated every game. Sadly, his peak years came at a time where WWI was the main focus meaning that his total tally of runs stayed at 5410. This player knew what he was doing, and he is probably the greatest England cricket player of all time.

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