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Why Cricket Betting Has Become More Popular

Sports betting popularity is at an all-time high in the modern world, with many games benefitting from its wide availability thanks to modern technology.

One of the sports that’s seen a steady rise in its popularity thanks to the growing culture of online games is cricket. The traditional game that’s been played for centuries has seen significant growth in its fanbase – especially those who want to place a bet on it.

Cricket betting currently finds itself at the height of its prevalence, with no signs of it slowing up. In this post, we’ll take a look at why it has become so popular.

Increased availability

One of the core reasons why cricket betting has become more popular is simply down to availability. Long gone are the days where you had to walk or drive over to the bookies to back your hunch.

Nowadays, there are countless sites where you can bet online from the comfort of your home – on whatever device you see fit. That’s paired with a growing range of markets, which give cricket betting that bit more variety. It’s no longer just backing a team, you can bet on specific players, wickets and sixes to name just a few.

That availability applies to the expertise that’s on offer. It’s easier than ever for fans to find cricket betting tips that can give them the edge. While some like to rely on their gut instinct, others enjoy reading up on the form, statistics and insider knowledge that can increase their chances of success.

Photo courtesy of Chillibibi from Pixabay.

Exciting new competitions

As well as the advances in betting, the popularity of cricket itself comes into play. While the sport has always been evolving, it’s fair to say its modern state is the most diverse and exciting it’s ever been.

Though powerhouses like England, Australia and India continue to thrive, new competitions are allowing budding teams both internationally and domestically to emerge.

With these new competitions encouraging more cultures to get involved in the sport, so too will the cricketing fanbase grow and naturally take to betting with its super-accessibility and wide appeal.

Thanks to the interconnected nature of the world – especially within the sport one – this fanbase will look to follow and bet on existing tournaments and tours that make up the core foundations of the game.

New fans will look to wager on the likes of the Ashes, the Indian Premier League and the upcoming 2023 ICC World Cup.

A way to get in on the action

Fans love to show their support in any way they can when it comes to their own teams and betting is just one of the ways to do it.

With rising viewership figures and growing online gaming culture, cricket is always offering fans new ways to involve themselves in the sport.

As well as the emotional investment, the prospect of receiving a payoff from the steadily growing pot that betting has created is an undeniably attractive one. Across the world, the cricket betting market is estimated to be worth hundreds of billions of dollars, with generous odds finding new winners every day.

Combining this exciting nature of literal investment in the game, the constant monitoring of the sport that the internet has allowed us and the evolution of the sport as a whole, it’s easy to see why cricket betting is as big as it is.

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