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Aesthetics in the game!

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Aesthetics in the game. In the game of sweat, dirt and dust you are looking for aesthetics. You should go to an art gallery. You should read a book of poetry. Or if you can arrange for an old Hindi movie, then that would be better for you. Aesthetics on the cricket sanctuary is highly unlikely to find.

The man who was told by someone that if you want to witness aesthetics in this age of crude emotions and swinging lifestyles, you should go to a cricket stadium. But when he reaches this stadium now, everyone around is making fun of him and his idea. After hours of unanswered queries, he returned home with all hopes crashed of finding a touch of artistry in this empty society.

One day, the same man met the person who told him to go to a stadium for finding an art. He asked that man why he sent him there when there was no sign of such happening at the place. The man laughed and said there is an artist in the stadium whose name slipped out of his mind, who can give you what you want; you just have to be persistent with your travails. After that day, that man kept on going to the stadium continuously looking here and there for any sign of it. One day he was sitting in a match in which the Ranji Side Hyderabad was batting. For the difference, he was looking on the pitch for finding his target which is impossible according to his own opinion then suddenly his eyes fixed on a tall, well-built batsman who was eyeing his spots to pierce gaps here and there meticulously.

Our man found him different; relying on his limited knowledge about the game, our man had found him interesting. Then the same batsman flicked one off his legs through the on side immaculately. The ground turned into a circus. Crowd felt itself short of ways to express their liking for the shot. The Batsman in the middle got ready for another and then he came down the track and hit it down the ground dissecting cover and mid-off with the birthmark of genius. The man whose eyes got gobsmacked, screamed on top of his voice,” I find it. I find it finally. This is what I was looking for, a piece of art, a touch of charisma, a stroke of brilliance.” People oblivious of his exuberance keep staring at the batsman who was busy in tormenting bowlers with enormous precision. Are you also looking for aesthetics on cricket ground, then switch on your television sets for tomorrow’s match between India and Bangladesh!

And just wait for Laxman to arrive. You will find your desire. Yes the man is an emblem of caress, grace and unparallel beauty about his stroke-making. He is not as consistent as he should have been or could have been but he is as scintillating to behold as any divine gift on earth for man. I just want him to register few big runs, runs that are not needed to firm his brilliance, but to reassert his place in the side. Because watching him bat can make days of many cricket lovers all around the world. After the retirement of Lara, I see that no one else can give us that many pleasurable moments just on the basis of their skill with the bat who can saviour the legacy left by Brian Lara. Laxman please make runs, plenty of them so we can see you again, again and again.

Are you looking for aesthetics? So be there. Don’t forget 18th to 22nd May at Chittagong, the 1st Test Match between Bangladesh and India.

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