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Aussies accused of misbehaviour with Sharad Pawar

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The Australian team has come under heavy criticism for its alleged misbehaviour with the BCCI President Mr.Sharad Pawar during the Prize Distribution Ceremony of the Champions Trophy.

First it was the Captain Ricky Ponting who was seen going towards Mr.Pawar and gesturing him with his forefinger to give away the Trophy quickly. Mr.Pawar was seen as taking it lightly with laughter. If that wasn’t enough, middle order batsman Damien Martyn was captured as pushing Pawar aside, indirectly asking him to leave the dais so that only the Aussies could pose with the Trophy for the photos.

Cricket Australia has decided to probe into their team’s actions in few days after the entire issue was brought into limelight following reactions from Sachin Tendulkar who in general stays away from commenting on off the field happenings. Tendulkar has stated that he wasn’t watching the proceedings because he was traveling but from what he has heard from others, he felt that it was an unpleasant incident and was uncalled for. He had also told the media that firstly the incidents shouldn’t have happened and that it’s important to show respect to elders and the person who is so dear to the cricketers and is involved with cricket.

Mr.Pawar who has rubbed off this entire episode as a stupid one has received support from a host of present and former Indian cricketers who have condemned the Australian behaviour and have demanded an apology. Sharad Pawar is also a big politician in India; he is the President of the Nationalist Congress Party and also a Union Agriculture Minister. His party activists have carried out protests in Mumbai by having Damien Martyn’s name on a donkey and by raising slogans demanding a formal apology to their chief. Effigies of the Australian Captain were burnt in anger at some of the places outside the Party’s Offices.