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Mumbai Terror Strikes cancels last two ODIs

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The English team has decided to scrap the remaining two ODIs of their tour due to the deadly terrorist attacks in Mumbai which started on the night of 26th. The English Cricket Board has confirmed that its players will be leaving India for now but will review their chances of coming back for the Test Series. Mumbai is also the venue for the second test that and it is highly likely that the match would be played at a different venue such as Bangalore.

It was perhaps the most dangerous terrorist attacks that had happened in India. Terrorists had first started to fire indiscriminately at people which started at 9:15 PM in a popular tourist restaurant called by the name Leopold Cafe and the attacks were confirmed at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Railway station, Taj Hotel and Trident Oberoi at Nariman Point, the Santa Cruz domestic airport and also the Cama and GT hospitals. The terrorists had also hijacked a police van and had fired at even one of the few journalists. The terrorists who were divided into groups then had moved into three different places – a Jewish building by the name Nariman House and the two hotels – Taj and the Trident Oberoi. Already more than a hundred have been killed in the attack along with more than 300 injured. The terrorists now have plenty of hostages in all the three different places which they have seized.

With such a large scale of terror happening in India, it was inevitable that the English team had decided to leave back home. They have been waiting still in Cuttack instead of traveling to Guwahati for the sixth ODI. Infact Guwahati in Assam had witnessed serial bomb blasts most recently. Now depending on the events that take place in the next few days in India, the English Board is likely to base its decision of returning for the Tests or not.

Champions League postponed indefinitely

The inaugural Champions Twenty20 League has been postponed indefinitely because of the ongoing terror attacks in Mumbai. The tournament was scheduled to be played from the 3rd to 11th in three different venues which also included Mumbai. All the foreign teams have already expressed genuine fear about coming to India for the tournament. What was scaring was the fact that the Middlesex and the Victorian teams were supposed to stay at the Taj where the terrorists where there is a hostage crisis happening.

ICL World Series put off

The Indian Cricket League officials have canceled their ongoing T20 World Series in wake of the Mumbai terror attacks. The ICL tournament which has been filled with loud music, cheer girls and all the entertainment activities with cricket was obviously not the right kind of event to happen considering the moods of the country. India has a lot of repair work to do and cricket is rightly not in the high priorities list at the moment.

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