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Scorecard of India Vs England, 5th ODI at Guwahati (Apr 9, 2006)

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Venue : Nehru Stadium, Guwahati
Toss : No Toss Done
Umpires : Rudi Koertzen and AV Jayaprakash
Match Result : Match abandoned due to wet ground conditions; India leads the 7-ODIs Series 4-0 (1 abandoned)
Man of the Match : No Award Given

The match has been abandoned as the two team didn’t want to take any unnecessary risks on the slippery outfield. (Posted at 1:30 PM IST)

Well things haven’t improved at the Nehru Stadium, the outfield is quite slippery and the wet patches around the bowlers run ups look very dangerous. The two Umpires have left the decision of having a match underway to the two teams who would come to a decision after 1:15 local time. According to the umpires, chances of any play today are very very slim. That’s all we have for this update, we will back after 1:15 to give you the next one. (Posted at 12:10 PM IST)

Welcome to the 5th One Day International at the Nehru Stadium in Guwahati. Well it’s not a great day for cricket, Guwahati has been hit by unseasonable rains. It has just been a small drizzle this morning but the thunderstorms that hit yesterday have had the ground soaked up with water. The groundstaff have been working really hard against the nature and even the helicopters are being used to dry the outfield. The two umpires for the day Rudi Koertzen and AV Jayaprakash have had an inspection at 10:30 and they were not positive about a proper cricket match to get underway. The only chance now is a 20 overs a side game which might begin at 2 o clock local time. For that to happen the umpires and the two captains will be in the middle at 12:00 and then take a decision about the status of the game.

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