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Sooner than later for both BCCI and PCB!

Here came the news and here it went. Some reported it, some spun it and some took a sigh of relief that now it got out of the way. Filling the most sought after job in world cricket will become so problematic to fill, nobody could have thought of it. In the beginning, there were clear expectations all over the globe that the Board (BCCI) which can invent a new cricket world order due to its influence, finances and money-tapping in the premises of the most popular game of the region can hire anyone, anytime regardless of price and credentials. But things are not always as they seem. Money is the matter but it is not the whole matter.

The BCCI still can’t find the man who can take the responsibility of coaching this talented Indian team. When we said that what happened with late Woolmer and the obnoxious Chappell during the World Cup will haunt us in the coming days then it was just a wild guess. But now things are unfolding. Both countries are facing real hardships in finding the men who can keep them going. I do not know what prevented Ford from taking such a high-profile lucrative coaching assignment but it had to be something very big and genuine that halted him from coming to India.

The way we presented ourselves in the last few months to the outer world, both India and Pakistan are definitely sending wrong signals especially to coaches. Now Bob Woolmer’s natural death has been confirmed and it would definitely raise few eye brows, not that much if it would have been confirmed as murder, but still the news is urging people to bear few reservations about the way cricket has been run in Asia especially in India and Pakistan. Reports of factions in the Indian side, Younis Khan’s apology from taking captaincy due to increasing pressures and criticism from all parts, veteran cricketers’ disapproval of the idea of having a foreign coach in both countries, the way Chappell preferred to stay out of the system, allegations on players of match fixing and the way Pakistan lost one of the greatest batsman of its cricket playing history – Inzamam are making the foreigners immensely fearsome about accepting any job in the region.

One just can’t imagine that someone like Ford can reject such big assignment, especially after coming all the way from England, giving presentations and making us all feel as if he wanted to get in this role and then walking out of the offer due to some personal problems. But hopefully problems lie on Ford’s side, not on our side because it would be very bitter news for all of us, Asians. It would show that we have not been very good with others and as well as with ourselves when it comes to professional matters. Steve Rixon clearly pointed out that he is waiting for an inquiry report about Bob’s death before making up his mind for Pakistan’s offer. After World Cup each and very country had coaching affairs but why does it make it so many ripples on the surface when it comes to Pakistan and India? England finds a new coach, Australia finds a coach even Langer finds a coach for his domestic Australian side but not India and Pakistan!

Hopefully, they would find a Coach sooner rather than later which they would eventually because the time which they would take in deciding will raise lot more questions about why people abstain from taking jobs of Indian and Pakistan. Obsession with Foreign Coaches may lead them to the pass where they would have no other option than going for a local coach. Whatever may happen, it should happen sooner than later.

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