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Interview with Deepa Kulkarini

Deepa Kulkarini is more than a reliable left arm spinner for India. She has been serving the country since 7 years and has taken 51 ODI wickets. Deepa has taken 3 – 4 wicket hauls with a career best of 4/28 against South Africa Women at Capetown. She is known for her nagging accuracy and the last ODI that India played, which was the 5th ODI against Sri Lanka women at the SSC, Deepa managed to pick up 3 wickets. What was amazing about that match was that of Deepa Kulkarini’s astonishing bowling figures of 10-7-3-3! She is one of the most senior members of the side after playing 44 ODIS and 5 Tests.

Former Indian Women’s opener Gargi Banerjee caught up with Deepa to bring out this interview :

Gargi Banerjee : Your debut was in the Hero Honda women’s World Cup,1997 in India. What were your feelings then?

Deepa Kulkarini : Well my first game was against West Indies Women at Faridabad. Yeah, that was one of the happiest and proud moments in my life. And to get selected for the biggest event in Women’s Cricket was really satisfying for me. I did my part with the ball in that match by picking up 2 wickets in the 5 overs I bowled and yes we won that match.

Gargi Banerjee: Deepa how did you start playing cricket?

Deepa Kulkarini : Well I used to like cricket, and used to play with the boys in my society. When I got information about women’s cricket, I joined the Navyug Mandal club at Mathunga, Mumbai in 1988. That was how my career started.

Gargi Banerjee : Tracy from USA is asking you this question, “Deepa can you tell me is it very difficult to get chances in the Indian Team ?”

Deepa Kulkarini : Previously it was indeed very difficult to get a place to play for India because the competition was very tough. And the standard was very very high or you can say the best standard but now I think there is not much of a competition. Players nowadays are getting chances very early to play for the country; first they have to prove themselves to play for the country.

Gargi Banerjee: Deepa tell me in your cricketing life who had inspired you the most?

Deepa Kulkarini : My family specially my mother and brother had inspired me a lot. It’s only because of them; I have achieved so much in cricket as well as in my job. And now my husband and mother-in-law are supporting me. So I am very much thankful to God for giving me a supportive and a sporting family.

Gargi Banerjee : So how are your preparations for the upcoming 2005 World Cup in South Africa?

Deepa Kulkarini : Recently we had a fitness camp at Chennai where we had concentrated on our fitness as well as on sharpening our cricketing skills. We have been given a programme to work on. Now I am working hard on my bowling, fielding and batting as well as fitness to give a better all-round performance for India.

Gargi Banerjee : Do you think Miss Diana Eduljee should play an extra innings for WCAI?

Deepa Kulkarini : I think she is the right person. Simply because she has solid knowledge as well as a wealth of experience. So I think she is and will always be a better option for women’s cricket.

Gargi Banerjee : Deepa what is your Aim in life?

Deepa Kulkarini : In cricket I have achieved so much in my life, I always wish to play a good and healthy competitive cricket. And to perform better for India. This is my aim in life.

Gargi Banerjee : Any message for

Deepa Kulkarini : Yes it is the educational cricketing site where you find every details past and present cricketing news and specially women’s cricket is highlighted . Thank you very much,

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