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Popular Essay Topics in 2018

Topics that are relevant in 2018 must be relatable to our everyday life and occurrences that happen outside of the classroom space. We talk about global events that are influencing the whole population, or something that is consistently connected to the life of people, young people especially. Saying that the type of paper that acts as a venue to cover those questions is an expository essay. In this essay, you are asked to write about common dilemmas that make the life of different level pupils that much harder. Coming up with a good topic with a lot of depth is not easy, but picking a pertinent theme is even tougher. To complete that task with flying colors you need to improve your research and argument skills.

Relevant Topics

As picking the fitting subject is the most important thing in preparing for an essay, you should find something that would make the people clear their ears. That’s how you understand that the topic is interesting and has some value. If you start your presentation with something that is not relatable, you will just end up giving useless air to the deflated audience. They don’t need and they don’t want the info that is outdated and was discussed a million times before. A good way to find inspiration is to read the news and indicate the event that has never happened before or will have major consequences for society in the future. Putting the eyeballs on the right material is key to maintaining overall interest! Flick through the newspapers and surf the web to find the piece that will strike you like a thunderbolt.

Theme Suggestions

If nothing gets your blood pumping after looking through the news section, turn your attention to the people who make the headlines. Political figures, sports personalities, celebrities of any kind. Those people are able to captivate the attention of the crowd just by their sheer presence. Dedicating your work to some of them or putting them as an example of the researched problem might work out quite nicely for you. Popular essay topics about popular personalities, it’s not rocket science. Deep questions are a must – your thesis should be strong and striking. Answering the thesis will be the main purpose of your paperwork, distance yourself from topics that would require you to learn a lot of new stuff. Pick something that hits close to your home, and take a peek at topics that could be taken as a base for your paper!

  • What Makes a Great President?
  • Pros and Cons of Online Education
  • Occupations that will be in Demand in Five Years
  • Internet Addiction and its Influence on our Society
  • Childfree Movement
  • Gender Bias in our Society
  • How to Prevent School Shootings
  • The Effects of Cyber Bullying
  • Is Depression a Decease?
  • What Makes a Successful Person in 2018

These ten topics will resonate with the public greatly and would be great points of your written discussion. You could elaborate on the issues that are raised by the subjects and give your own and personal take on the situation at hand. Thorough research and stone cold facts are necessary for any kind of essay, so backing your opinions and hot takes with something as solid as concrete has to be your top priority when constructing a carcass for your paper.


As we live in the informational era, we have access to many outlets that are covering a lot of interesting matters. Our culture is evolving with a scary pace, we are outspoken and smart. All that results in a deep thinking regime. Students and pupils should be aware of social issues that are present today to have enough experience to deal with the newer complications that will greet us in the next decade.

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