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Preparations, favourites and confrontations!

Life shifts to the more hullabaloo, excitement and craziness generating Twenty20 version as the championship for the title reaches closer. Headlines are carrying the availability of big names for the tournament, training camps are under progress, teams have been announced and speculations are all over the place about who will rule the world as this could be the make or break move by the ICC and could become the face of international cricket in next few years.

Things are clearly indicating that the younger generation will dominate the playing elevens for most of the teams except Australia who are again gong for their so-called aged players who perform better than best of young players of all international teams. Gilchrist, Hussey, Hayden are all there setting themselves to win another trophy for their country. It seems that they are not in the mood to let go any of the winning opportunity as long as their senior players are ready to extend their tenures in international cricket thanks to their stupendous fitness levels and grueling training drills to keep them fit and firing. And with all of them in the pack, the Aussie team looks firm favorite to win the contest as they do it usually in all other versions of the game.

As the experience and exposure of everything in life makes you more smarter in handling that with dexterity and if we believe this tried and tested theorem for finding a winner of the T20 Championship than England has the most solid case considering the amount of twenty 20 cricket they prefer to allow in their domestic cricket. English cricket controllers were the first to organize shortest version tournaments more regularly and eagerly in their county circuit. This is why when it comes to choosing their best eleven for the inaugural tournament, they have their names instantly, well-thought and pre-planned. Specialists of the job have been picked knowing all the nuances of this particular contest after years of successful T20 campaign.

Whereas Asian teams are not looking very sure about their best units for the newly-devised, big-bucks tempting format of the game. The Indian cricket league is also giving them some sleepless nights after huge checks offered to the players which they would earn after years of toilsome tasks of representing their countries. India was not keen from the very beginning to indulge itself in this somewhat non-serious innovation devised to generate huge revenues.

Pakistan is engrossed as usual in their leg pulling, self defeating politics ruining the foundations of the game in one of the most talented cricket nations on the scene. Removal of Razzaq and Yousuf opened the door for bigger head-on collision with the high-handed management of senior pros in the team. South African cricket is also going through a carnage times after exclusion of Kallis and embroil of Boucher in the entire scenario are definitely ominous signs for SA Cricket.

Amidst all such controversies, one thing is for sure that the players are not happy with their managements all over the globe which would turn new leaves of confrontation and controversies in the next few months. But the team which would benefit from this scenario of international cricket is Australia who do their best in even the most toughest times, this confusion will facilitate their tasks even more.

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