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All things come to light!

Life has novel ways to scrutinize the talent and merit of something again, again and again and then name it as the real thing which comes out of all tests and harshness untouched and unscathed. When Test cricket becomes overshadowed by umpteenth 50 over games which bring in lot of passion, craze, money and on the hindsight lot of bad name to the game, then who suffered? Definitely, the standard of Test cricket what once was the real thing which was good enough to test each and very faculty of the player to the core, from the mental toughness to the physical tenacity. But at the cost of Test cricket, one day cricket flourished.

Similarly, when 50 over version of the game becomes the real form of the game in the eyes of money-mongers and cheap publicity seekers, trend of growing tilt in favour of shorter version of the game intrudes with the traditions of Test cricket. It raised the issues of tidbit cricketers, pinch-hitters, all-rounders, and part-timers who can do all three fielding, batting and bowling but with mediocrity. Specialists confine themselves to the corner where they can start battle of their sustenance in the game. Poor souls start worrying about how to upgrade themselves to be in the list of valuables which is all about good-in-this and good-in-that but special in nothing. Fast bowlers have been suffering immeasurably at the hands of senseless laws and lawmakers. Proof of that is the way they are becoming endangered species as the time moves on.

Now this T20 version is again here to challenge the talent and grace of class players and their will to survive. Kallis has been sidelined. Dravid, Tendulkar and Ganguly have to sway away because they have been told that it is youngsters’ game. Yousuf and Razzaq found themselves in the list of unwanted after years of belligerence and panache in the game. Some think that it is not even a game of specialist. They say that you need 10 jacks of all, masters of none all-rounders to embellish the T20 game which according to reverend circles in the game as nothing more than another step towards fulfilling lust in the name of the game.

But who is suffering? Definitely, it is the factions who are dear to the game and traditionalists who are bolstering the game somehow or other through their toil and travails in uneven playing fields. But as things have to change because change is the only constant phenomenon, time will bring everything to light, all good and pure things.

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