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Cricket South Africa can’t Forget the Ghosts of T20 Global League

Cricket South Africa seems to have gone into a disaster with the proposed T20 Global League that never converted to reality. The CSA is keen to avoid all the criticisms and allegations that have risen due to the way fate turned out for them. The original attempt to reap profit from the T20 Global League did not turn out as it was expected.

On top of that, they are now haunted by the R180m lost on the said tournament and legal bills that can wreck havoc loss. It’s obvious that none of the franchise owners would be happy- they had paid out the money and now their future hangs in mist and cloud! To be precise, the owners of as many as eight franchises are taking the legal course and knocking the doors of the court for some relief from their problems. All of them are professional investors and not like kiwi pokies for beginners.

What does CSA Have to Say?

CSA isn’t going to have it easy, for sure. The Cricket Board is trying to make things work but we aren’t sure how it’s going to sort out.

CSA on its part have tried to pacify the owners but they are not ready to listen. According to reports, most of the owners have expressed what they want- the refund of the deposit amount and all expenses that they have made for the teams. But some of the teams don’t want the same and have other complaints. The board will meet the stakeholder to address any concern they have other than the refund of deposit.

A Look at the Deal

The deal of CSA with SuperSport has not yet been finalized and that also is another cause of unhappiness for the owners. CSA on its part have said that they are holding discussions with SuperSport and get back to the owners once something emerges out of it.

The Pretoria Mavericks officials have decided to sue CSA over the way they handled the whole issue and bringing an end to the business that might have been. They are said to have approached SuperSport to partner up and own the new format that will be held in place of the T20 tournament. CSA have paid back $250,000- the deposit amount paid by the Mavericks. But the interest rate offered was only 3.5% compared to banks which have interest rate of 10%. Maverick officials have put the amount spent on logistics, staff and taxes to R6.7m.

Durban Qalanders also followed the suit of the Mavericks. They are taking the legal course but don’t want their deposit fees to be reimbursed. Instead, they want to be a part of the new tournament which CSA will organize in November and December 2018- a year after the proposed T20 Global League.

CSA seems to have been attacked by many problems at one go. We have to see how they handle and respond to the concerns of the franchise owners.

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