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It wasn’t fair, Gilly!

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Since Australia landed in their homeland full of confidence celebrating their exhilarating performance in biggest event of World Cricket, they have been mouthful about their impeccable cricket structure, enviable system, eye-bulging bench strength and their will to take this miraculous team to even greater heights. It seems as if they surprise themselves more than anybody else by this world beating exhibitions where they remained unbeaten right throughout the event. All wise and unwise except their undeniable superiority in the sanctuary of world sport not only cricket. What exceptions they could be if they instill this professionalism in their ethical part of the game as well? We all know about their sledging episodes, arrogance, and hubris attitude on and off the grounds. But they are taking this arrogance way beyond the prescribed line of fair play.

Gilchrist’s usage of squash ball in his batting glove to strengthen his grip and to reduce the role of bottom hand in his batting was mockery of governing authorities in the game. Shouldn’t Gilly tell about that unconventional tactic before the match to any of the umpires, to match referee, to opponent skipper or to any other concerned person, or was he doubtful that whether he would get the permission of doing such a thing in the Final of World Cup that halted him to talk to the concerned party? The Game is open for all sorts of experimentations, innovations and improvisations. We tried experiment of ear pieces in the ears of skippers to communicate with the coaches, people introduced super-subs in the game to make it more fun and enjoyable but not without brining into the notice of all concerned parties. The game is not about what an individual thinks and starts doing it. It is not about that Gilly thought that squash ball would help him so he used it, then why should we stop players from taking drugs to enhance performance? If they think that certain drug can help them then we should let them use whatever they want to use. If this is the case then we should have never stopped Douglas Jardine from using Bodyline tactic because that tactic was helping him in winning. We never know when a bowler can come up with a hockey ball in his hands to say that he can swing it in the air and seam it off the pitch so let’s play with it because it will help me in bowling you out cheaply.

Countries, institutions and games are not run by the mere notions of an individual. Games are run by the role-models and parity in laws to make it fairer for all participants. If Muralitharan violated that limit of 15 degree during his overs in the Final and by doing so extract more perches out of the wicket and took four or five wickets then what Ponting would have done? Nothing as Mahela cannot do anything about Gilly’s ingenuity. Gilchrist is fully capable to create that kind of magical knock then why did he do that to make it doubtful and tasteless for all. Australia is top of the world and they will there stay for years to come for right measures taken by their responsible people but they have to learn respecting the laws to make it fairer and even for all parties. They can rule the world but I am sorry they can’t make it act according to their so-called innovative ideas. In the world which is getting serious about their rights and enforcement of law with every passing moment, you cannot get away with this kind of blasphemy for the laws. What goes round comes round. It is the way world operates whether whatever you think about it.

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