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A Not-so-Distant Future based on a Not-so-Old Past

The Indian Women’s Cricket Team is surely the least talked among all the teams playing cricket at the various international levels for India. Yet the team sure does play its best. The Indian Woman’s Cricket Team with its excellent batting side and formidable bowling attack can sure be any team’s nightmare, which was very well shown in the home series against the New Zealand side in November and December last year.

The recent tour of New Zealand to India reinstated why the Indian team is looked at with so much of fear and awe, with its ever so sincere performances and truly world-class talent. The one test match, which was played between the two teams, ended up to be a drawn match, but sure was a display of some of the most magnificent. Noosin Al Khader and Neetu David in the bowling and Hemlata Kala, the Player of the Match, as well as Anju Jain showed the New Zealanders why everyone fears playing the Indian Team at home.

Come the One Day Series and we see the team at its prolific best. With the home team winning the first four matches against the visiting Kiwis while the visitors restored some of the lost pride against the home team by winning the last one. This series showed the class of the fine batting Jaya Sharma with her scoring four half centuries in the five matches played including one of her personal best of 96 not out, thus getting her a total of 309 runs in the five matches.

With such a laudable performance in the background the Indian Women’s Cricket Team sure has had a well-deserved break, to resume upon their cricketing schedule. They now first play the West Indies at home late February and March and then look ahead to play their traditional rivals Pakistan and hosts Sri Lanka in April for the Asia Cup. So the New Year sure does have loads of action to promise as far as this team is concerned. But whether the team will live up to their previous performance, is what we will have to wait and watch.

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