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How and What exactly does a Woman go About with Cricket

The other day I got into this discussion with a few gal pals of mine regarding who are the one that are more supportive of their teams, is it women or is it men.

Well the decision was finally an inconclusive insignificant one, but what emerged out of this whole debate was the way in which we gals are passionate about this sport, which validates the stand I took in my previous article.

Well cricket there were some funny and some serious points, which kept the argument in my mind and hence made me write on the same. One of the points, that seemed the most trivial at the beginning, seemed to be actually a pretty good one eventually. This was about we women sticking upto our team not only because we support our team and are loyal but also have a double reason to stand by it because we tend to grow fond of the men who make our team, and hence wont turn disloyal to them. Call this superficial or trivial if you may, but it still makes up a big reason for us being with a particular team, for it is the same as how a man can never get over his playboys and other ‘close’ attachments.

So it ended up with all of us agreeing that we all love our team doubly as much as our male counterparts do. Well disagree if you may, because it is these disagreements that make the difference and the attitudes between us sexes more lively and interesting.

Well let us set aside the battle of the sexes for now because that’s never going to get over.

Talking seriously when I first told people whom I know well about this column of mine and asked them to visit it, most of the women first reacted saying Sheesh! Sunu we don’t want to see u doing another a la Mandira Bedi! Hmmm… what does one say to comments like that and how does one react! Well Mandira Bedi according to me, was a very successful media move during the World Cup hype time. She did manage to bring in her bit of charm and glamour to the cricketing world, which is not bad at all, as the whole world is going that way! With the use of a woman, the traditional symbol for ignorance and unknowingness as worldly accepted, they did manage to get across to many viewers regarding questions that have already plagued them but never were bold enough to ask. In that way, Mandira Bedi has also played a very educational role in this aspect.

So, if I can play this facilitating, educational role, so be it…

You can expect more about this fashion in the next write-ups.

Until the next article, its good bye from this woman.

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