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Twitter Updates of Day 4 of the 2nd Test at St John’s Wood

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A slight delay caused by rain has forced Eng to get rid of its 2nd innings, Oz have a target of 522, conditions are cloudy at Lords.

Two overs gone by and Eng bowlers Anderson and Flintoff are right on the money. Hughes is being targeted with short ones that come back.

Eng strike early at Lords, Katich who can bat very long departs after playing an expansive drive off Freddie, sharp catch taken at gully by KP.

I reckon Swann will be the key player today having watched the spin and bounce that Hauritz got yesterday. Swann will have to bowl a lot.

Amazing, Flintoff has got away with a frontfoot noball when he had got Katich caught at gully! So luck going England’s way at Lords.

Ricky Ponting gets a nasty blow on his knuckles to a rising one from Anderson. Freddie too is getting the ball to bounce awkwardly.

Eng would have had their 2nd wkt but for a late reaction from Flintoff in the slip which gives a life for Hughes. It was a fast and low edge.

Jimmy Anderson’s wicket goes to Flintoff, Hughes edging again and this time Strauss takes a low blinder at first slip. Catch doesn’t look clean though!

Two wickets down and both of them have a huge controversy attached. Katich caught off a noball, Hughes caught on the bounce.

Rain in store at Lords? Well probably looking at the clouds there could be a welcome break for the struggling Aussies with the new ball moving.

Fine session for England at Lords, taking two wkts. Aussies are fighting back now but have a long way to go to save this 2nd Ashes Test.

Ricky tries to force it off the backfoot and ends up dragging it onto the stumps! That wasn’t short enough for that shot! Broad and Lords erupt.

Massive cloud cover hovering over Lords. The ball is swinging both ways and the slope too is playing its part in Aussie downfall.

The rain has arrived at Lords, not good for England but they have done well to have bagged three wickets already.

With the rain around, not sure if England can continue getting the reverse swing going as the ball is bound to get wet.

Michael Clarke seems to be happy driving on the up and the ball continues to reverse swing. England will be happy with both these things.

Big test for Swann, can he deliver the goods on a pitch that has shown signs of turn and bounce. Can he do a Hauritz now?

The rain is back at Lords but not that good enough to provide a break for the Aussies. There is a strong breeze that is keeping it away.

Swann has struggled to get hold of his loop in this series, often bowling full tosses, he needs to get the ball to dip consistently.

Hussey has matched Strauss in both his dismissals, first innings got bowled leaving the ball and second innings edging the offie to slip!

Oops replays suggest that Hussey was unlucky, it was not a edge but the ball had spun off the footholes and the bat only hit the ground!

Super variation from Swann, produced an arm ball out of nowhere to go through the defences of North. Will this Lord Test end today?

Another 20 mins to go for Tea, England chipping away at the wickets at Lords. Three went down in this session with Swann joining the fun.

Well a breezy 50 from Clarke took just 58 balls to get that. Started off with spanking drives on the up and continues to go hard at the ball.

England’s charge has been temporarily stopped by Clarke and Haddin, but how long this pair can hang in there? Got 49 more overs left today!

Flat session for England after Tea, 16 overs gone by and have remained wicketless. Just the odd chance came through from Haddin and Clarke.

England throw the old ball to Collingwood, time for the keeper to come up. Colly should be swinging it both ways, chances for an lbw.

Milestones for Oz at Lords with Haddin reaching his 3rd fifty and Clarke bringing up his 11th test hundred. Nice rearguard action from them.

England’s hopes now pinned on the second new ball. They still got 18 overs to wrap this up. They have been wicketless since more than 40 overs.

It seems Australia haven’t been batted out of this game, chances of their win now appearing with over 200 needed and 5 wkts standing.

Well a wonderful fightback from Clarke and Haddin at Lords in taking the 2nd Ashes Test to d final day. They have defied Eng for nearly 50 overs.