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Crowd go berserk after match abandonment

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The Nehru Stadium at Guwahati turned out to be a battle field after the fans became restless knowing that the 5th ODI had been officially abandoned. The crowd who were extremely frustrated after having spent money on their tickets had to wait for a long time in vain as the ground conditions proved to be unfit for an International Cricket Match. The irate fans attacked the ground with missiles, water bottles, stones and whatever objects they found in their way. They had also lit up fire burning the placards. The police for most of the time were clueless to the situation but in the end they gathered themselves and put off the troublesome situation by firing tear gas at the mob. Players on both sides were far away from all the action and were frisked away to their hotels at the earliest sign of the crowd trouble. The biggest damage has been that of the fixed Television Cameras which became the biggest victims of the riot. With the failure of security at Guwahati, the venue looks doubtful of holding any International matches in the near future.