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Four Things We Learned From India vs South Africa Test Series

In September 2019, the South African cricket team toured India. In this tour, South Africa played three test matches and three twenty-20 internationals. The twenty-20 series was drawn by 1-1. Rohit Sharma turned out to be a valuable player for both the Indian team and cricket fans who bet online. People who gamble at made a lot of money and we’re all praises about Rohit Sharma’s stint in this series.

However, India whitewashed South Africa in the test series by 3-0. This series of test match will be remembered for a long time.

A lot of reasons led South Africa to their defeat, but Indian batsmen were most prominent among them.

In October 2019, South Africa went back with a sour mouth only to return in March for a One Day International series. It is to be seen how that is going to go, but here’s what we learned from this tour of Chokers.

Image by Chickenonline from Pixabay

  • India is a strong team.

This statement may sound shallow at first, but it has a lot of depth. In the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup, the Indian Cricket team managed to reach semi-finals which are a testament of their true potential.

With this, the Indian team has proven that it is not to be taken lightly. With talents like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Hardik Pandya and many more, India is a force to be reckoned with.

The team has nourished itself and grown up to become an excellent group in all formats of international cricket.

South Africa, however, has a reputation of choking in major tournaments. Even with the rooster of world-class players on board, South African Cricket team has failed on multiple occasions. It is not a good thing for any team.

  • Rohit Sharma is here to stay!

Rohit Sharma’s name strikes fear in the bowlers of opponent teams for obvious reasons.

The Hitman has three double centuries in One Day International cricket and is the only player to do so.

However, in his twelve-year career, Rohit Sharma hadn’t made a name for himself in Test Cricket. He debuted in international test cricket in the year 2013 against West Indies.

Rohit Sharma made news with his performance in the recently concluded test series against South Africa.

The man scored a whopping 529 runs in three matches that helped India win two matches with an inning and one with 200+ runs. With an average of about 133,

  • Indian Cricket Team Excelled in All Departments

Cricket is an uncertain game. The only way to make sure that the dice rolls your way is to be at your best.

The Indian team managed to do that in the entire tournament.

It functioned as a unit and did wonders with both bat and ball. Batsmen like Rohit Sharma, Mayank Agarwal, Virat Kohli etc. put forth their best Innings in crucial times.

Bowling department also took care of the run-rate and wickets. That’s how India owned the entire series.

South Africa performed poorly in almost every aspect. D Elgar was the highest scorer with just 232 runs from the Proteas side. He was followed by Quentin de Kock with 156 runs.

Even their captain failed to deliver, and this affected the morale of South African troops. Anyway, there are a lot of opportunities ahead and hopefully, South Africa won’t screw them up.

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  • A Battle Won isn’t a War Won!

It is an old saying that winning a battle is only a fraction of winning a War. India won the test series but was able to draw the twenty-20 series.

This is evidence that South African team still has a lot of fight in them.

The Proteas will visit again in March 2020 for an ODI series and India must be ready for them. South African team will be rejuvenated and probably better than the last time.

So, these were the four takeaways that an Indian Cricket fan had from the recently concluded test series. In this test series, India showed a lot of heart and won it.

This helped India in getting to the top spot in the ICC World Test Championship table which began in August 2019 and will conclude in June 2021.

Altogether, India has 240 points with two test series won since the inception of the championship. It’ll be a challenge for the Indian Cricket Team to stay at the top of the table.