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How video game tech is helping improve SRL

When it comes to many a hobby, we have the advancements seen in technology to thank for where they are now. This is especially true the looking at online sports betting. Going back only a generation, whoever would have thought that all you would need to bet on your favourite sport would be a computer or a mobile phone? Tech has made this possible as well as opening up a host of other exciting opportunities.

The likes of simulated reality league cricket mean that fans can bet on their favourite sports even when there are no matches taking place. What once could have appeared to be a second rate experience is now growing in popularity thanks to the advances that have taken place. SRL is here to stay and here is how we have already seen it improve.

First things first

Before we dive in and start to look at the improvements that have taken place, it is well worth taking a look at what SRL actually is. It could be that this is a concept that is completely new to you or you may have heard of it, but been left unsure as to how works.

In a nutshell, SRL offers an alternative to live-action. That being said, it is the closest experience to the real thing that you can get. It allows fans to stay close to their favourite sports by letting them bet, even when there arena any matches taking place.

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Video games and graphics

When looking at a screen showing SRL cricket, at a glance, you may believe that you are watching a live match. Why? Simply because the graphics are stunning and as close to real-life as possible. There is no getting away from the fact that we have video games to thank for this.

You only have to look back at the video games of the 1970s to see how far we have come. Back then it was all about limited colours and 2D images. We then experienced what 16, 32, and 64-bit brought our way until we arrived at where we are now. With virtual reality taking off, developers are producing graphics that are more and more life-like This is what has helped make the SRL experience such a great one.

The added impact of sound

For SRL to be effective, it needs to appeal to more than just our eyes. The audio experience is just as important. Take SRL cricket, for example. When the bat strikes the ball, for this experience to be life-like, we need to hear it. It needs to sound the same as it would during a live game. Just a few years ago, that wouldn’t have been possible, but advancements in video games have changed that.

Remember the early days of video games? Sound-wise, all we got was a beep with the occasional click, or even a bleep, to accompany it. Fast forward to 2022 and the video games that are played now: there isn’t a sound that developers can’t recreate and we have this to thank for the quality of SRL.


SRL works by using data from 100s and hundreds of sporting events that have gone before. This data is fed into a computer which then uses this to produce outcomes of the games and match that fans bet on. These algorithms exist thanks to video games.

Even looking back at the basics such as Space Invaders, an algorithm was used to predict what a player may do next. As games have become more complex so have the algorithms required The development of these has led to the SR experience that we now know and love.