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What is Online Cricket Betting?

It is one of the major categories of online sports betting that people would most likely engage in. In India, cricket is considered the most popular sport that is followed. People always remain excited about this sport all year and prefer to engage in it either by playing it or betting on it.

Any betting site can offer a bet on this sport. Every bookmaker wants customers to use exactly his site for betting, so the competition is quite high and it is constantly growing. Bookmakers entice players with various bonuses and promotions and new improved offers for customers, allowing bettors to bet with comfort.

Everyone can find the conditions that suit them. To start betting on cricket, you need to take a few steps, but that’s all in order.

How Can You Make Money on Cricket Betting?

First of all, you should understand that cricket betting in India is similar to the stock market. Some may think otherwise, but the fact remains. In order to make the right choice in favor of one or another team and make money on it, you need to analyze many factors affecting the outcome of the match: weather conditions, field conditions, players’ form, strengths and weaknesses of each team, past victories and defeats, etc.

But even after analyzing all these factors, it is never possible to predict the winner of the match for sure. The odds offered always depend on the situation on the field at the moment, as well as the amount of money that has already been bet on each of the teams.

Bookmakers only make money because they balance the amount of money invested in the first and second teams. If the favorite of a particular match dominates throughout the game and wins, the bookmakers will hardly have an opportunity to make money on the outcome of such a match, as they make sure not to lose money.

The odds set by the bookmakers will be so small that any player who knows at least a little bit about betting will not bet on this match. In some matches, the winner can be predicted with very high accuracy. For example, in a match between a strong team and a weak team, we almost always know who will win and who will lose.

That is why it is unlikely to earn much money in such matches because the odds for a strong team to win will be so low that even if you decide to bet a huge amount of money, you will get almost nothing for winning. That is why it is better to earn on the matches of two equal teams, where the odds will be much higher.

How to Bet on Cricket Online?

Although online betting is a simple process even for beginners, there are a number of steps that many people don’t even think about, which can have a negative impact on their future path in the betting world.

The most important factors that will help you start betting on cricket without any problems are listed below.

Find the right bookmaker

Most people think that the first step is to register with a bookmaker, but this is not the case. First, you need to choose a bookmaker. We highly recommend that you check out our list of the best sites and apps for cricket betting in India.

Browse through the sites and find out which one is the best option for you. Find out what the bookmaker offers for new customers, if there are any bonuses after signing up, if there are any promotions for customers, what payment options are available.

This process may take some time, but it can save you problems in the future by ensuring that you sign up with a betting site that meets your expectations.

Top 3 cricket betting sites in India:


Top 3 cricket betting apps in India:


Registration in a bookmaker’s site

Choose the size of the game bank

Gambling pot refers to the amount of money you want to bet over a certain period of time. If you use a big chunk of your money in one bet, and you lose, you’ll probably want to win it back. Subsequently, this can lead to an increase in your debt.


Once you have gone through the previous two steps, you can make a deposit. The deposit can be made by one of the payment methods offered by the bookmaker. They vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, but usually, bank transfers, e-wallets and credit cards are used. Choose the payment method that suits you best.

Choose the subject and type of bet

Before you bet, it is very important that you know very well what you are betting on. Understanding what type of bet and what tournament you are betting on is very important, as your knowledge of the particular field will help you make the most appropriate choice.

Analyze a future match

Often players tend to make a quick bet, which they think does not require pre-match analysis and the outcome seems clear. However, it is better to reassure yourself and weigh all the factors affecting the outcome.

Place a bet

Weigh the potential risks and the rewards, if you are happy with everything, then place a bet. We also advise you to get acquainted with the various terms in the field of betting and cricket, and learn how the principle of betting odds.

Wait for the result

Withdraw your money

When you manage to achieve your goal of increasing the game bank, withdraw your winnings. The time and method of withdrawal usually depends on what method of deposit you used.


Is online cricket betting legal in India?

Yes, it is. There are no federal laws in India that prohibit online betting. Each state can decide if they want to introduce laws against online betting. To date, only a few states in India have passed laws against online betting.

Can I make money in cricket betting?

Even the best, most consistent and profitable bettors only win an average of 52-60%. If you’re new I’d be ecstatic with breaking even. If you can get there – and you’re willing to put some work in – you too can make more money betting cricket – or any other sport, for that matter.