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Crucial flops of the CWC 2007!

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World Cup left us with painful memories for all the wrong reasons of resignations, sackings, retirements and murder. Amongst all of this, some very crucial flop stories also ditched not only their fans but most importantly their teams as well. There are flagging stories like Hussey who disappointed his fan following immensely by short stays on the track and even shorter run tally at the end of the tournament in which we all expected him to be the toughest bloke to dislodge, but that anticipations had not turned out that way. Hussey’s poor run has not got in the way of Aussie juggernaut at any point in time during the long and tiring tournament, but there were fewer souls here and there whose failings lead their teams down immeasurably.

Insipid Bond: Shane Bond earned the tag of the most dangerous pacer in the World Cup from even the likes of Kumar Sangakkara who has great cricketing mind and probing eye for rising threat in cricket fields. We all know how pivotal was Bond’s form for the chances of Kiwi unit to pave their way through in the tournament. As it is said, Bond hits New Zealand hits. In crucial encounters against Sri Lanka in super eight and in Semi Final, he looked venom less with figures of 8 overs for 26 runs and 59 for 1 in allotted ten over respectively which were below par and shot in the heart exhibitions for Fleming’s strategies. Bond’s failure when it really not called for sealed Kiwi hopes of making it to the Grand Final in their umpteenth Semi Final appearances. He was surely one of the biggest blips of 2007 World Cup.

Too laid-back: Gayle is known for his laid-back body language in the Cricket World. The Man might have taken it little too casually in the most sought after trophy in the game. He was so casual that our eyes got tired of looking for the man who is famous for his belligerence and cavalry. He broke down, consequently whole composition and balance of his side broke down. They carry him as an all-round prospect but proved to be an excess baggage for Lara.

Man without mission: This tournament opened several debates but one which teased Flintoff most is his status as an all-rounder in the side. Some even put him as an over-rated performer. Others suggested that his presence is getting larger than the team which is not an ideal scenario for any side. First his disgusting pedallo incident and then the batting failures. Life got merciless for the giant all-rounder. England had two long hitting blokes Flintoff and Peitersen in the tournament. If you have two in the stock and one shackled down then what can happen to your aspirations can be easily understood without getting into any rocket science. Another man without a mission let himself and his side down.

When it mattered most: We are talking about personalities who remained unfound when their teams wanted them. Vaas has been exceptional right throughout the tournament with his variations, determination to not to give away anything and niceties with the cricket ball, but collapsed under the sweltering hot Gilchrist. It was one of the times that usually measures man’s character. Vaas failed in that test. It was his last World Cup appearances considering his age. It could be the chance for him to make it memorable as Gilly has done for himself in spite of having pathetic World Cup. Unfortunately, your last acts remain far fresher in the memories of history.

I would love to know your opinions about who do you think was the biggest flop of the tournament in any one of them or if you want to suggest your own choices.